Recycled Runway

Fashion Show Friday, April 21st 2017

Our first ever fashion show was a huge success, raising $10,000 dollars to go towards local waterway cleanups!

This year’s focus was the Big Island Preserve, a natural oasis along the Sandusky Bay shoreline. The vision for this area includes a beautiful nature trail along the shoreline and reforestation by native vegetation.The park is a favorite fishing spot, haven for birders, and popular canoe launch on the East Sandusky Bay Water Trail. By enhancing this area, we improve the health of our coast while improving accessibility & we build a stronger connection between our community and our Lake. ​

​With the success of this year’s event and the positive feedback we have received, we are more excited than ever to get things rolling for next year! We are in the early stages of planning next year’s event, which we are hoping to be even bigger, and better!

How to volunteer next year:

This project, depending on community volunteer support, may take several years to fully complete. We need volunteers like YOU to help!

To get involved by volunteering, contact:
Breann Hohman, 419-602-7900  
or call Scarlett O’Hair 419-626-0091 (ask for Haley or Jess)

A Special thank you to our sponsors…